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6th September - A Day We Won't & Our Enemy Can't Forget

05 Sep, 2022 news
6th September - A Day We Won't & Our Enemy Can't Forget

Has this thought ever spanned your mind that what if you were born before independence? You can`t even envision how much you would have to face as for now reliably, we got a whole lot on the plate.
We do take our independence for granted and do not realize how much effort our defense facilities put in to make sure that we live with amity, and stay protected.
Wars are quite common in mankind`s past, while occasionally they are executed, and others forced. There is a renowned saying conferring which weakness calls violence, and the best way to achieve peace is to prepare for war.
There have been high threats and safety issues to Pakistan since day one of its coming into being, most of them as of India, and this led to three India-Pakistan wars.
The value and character of a nation are experienced throughout times of hardship and war. Defense Day, as the name proposes, is a commemoration of the day when our national armed forces successfully safeguarded the assault of Indian forces on our country in the 1965 war.
On 6th September 1965, folks of Pakistan stood calm, all united, to meet the attack of an opponent. India declares to be the biggest democracy in the world dishonored the international charter of the United Nations and all standards of enlightened conduct among the states and picked the front of oblivion to achieve its significant wish of retaining our country, our motherland.
Our military defended the regions attacked them effectively as well as secured the survival of thousands of civilians and their houses. This fight continued till September 22, 1965, when the two sides recognized the United Nations-controlled ceasefire.

In this war, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed was granted "Nishan-e-Haider". Flight Lieutenant Imtiaz Ahmad Bhatti and Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmad Rafiqui also achieved a solid hit on the enemy evident all around.


Moreover, the Pak-Indo battle of 1965 also assists us to recall M.M Alam who became mainstream for taking down five Indian airplanes in about a few minutes. Later, he was granted Sitara-I-Jurat. Commodore S.M Anwar drove the Dwarka movement which ends up being a bad delusion for the Indians.


The nation organized at each level, where each kid, man, or lady hunted the conflict energy, be it to raise funds, train as civilian guards, or as medical assistants in hospitals in situations of emergency.
Madam Noor Jahan and Mehdi Hassan took the wireless broadcasts to sing their encouraging war songs in order to escalate the protectors and entrenched another interest in them to safeguard their country.
Brotherhood and unity are in our blood, and the three well-known words of Jinnah: "Solidarity, Faith, and Discipline" are patterned on our spirits. What message of eagerness, loyalty, and love for one's country would you be able to see from 6th September 1965? But terribly, our youth may not be able to feel it to that degree, and record occasions that are seen as a break to enjoy or sleep long. Steadily, 6 September modestly passes by with small festivities nation over.
We presume to celebrate nationalism on the 6th of September. In keeping with this nationalism, we should put the paybacks of our nation, and the ones around us before the assistance of our own.
This day has to be renowned to recall that initiate according to which we vowed that we will stay strong, we are a proud nation, will remain so, and we will not be scared by any of the strong foreign nations.
This is the sort of thinking that we need like never before in these lethal times. Pakistan and India are residual in a go head to head for seventy years and India is repeatedly looking for a pretext to cease fire the promise to keep LOC hot.
After being reappointed as Indian Prime Minister, Modi took sinful action by disowning Articles 35-An, and 370 of the Constitution, which gave an unusual status to the undecided domain of India's Unlawfully Occupied Kashmir.
The Kashmir clash isn't just turning out to be most noticeably terrible from terrible, yet it has also been holding the security of South Asia hostage. It was not without reason that the insightful Quaid-e-Azam said "Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and no nation can license its jugular vein to be held by the enemy".


Pakistan always stands with the brave Kashmiris who have given special martyrs for freedom and backed it in every possible manner. Defense Day Celebrations tell us that India has never accepted the formation of Pakistan. Pakistan needs to live in accord with honor and pride. The folks who have their aggressive stares set at our cherished nation, be careful! Since we fear just Allah and no one else.
The whole Pakistani nation is standing side by side with its Army to guard our beloved homeland. This impression of public determination signifies the genuine soul of Defense Day.
We should all appeal to God for the wellbeing and strength of Pakistan, and that Allah gives us the strength, confidence, and oath, to secure and defend our motherland no matter what. Ameen!

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