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Best society in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

18 Dec, 2021 guidance
Best society in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad, are Pakistan's one of largest cities, are often regarded as having the country's most beautiful, spectacular, and natural scenery. Islamabad, Pakistan's capital city, is known for its beautiful architecture as well as its natural beauty. The real estate market in Islamabad is now booming, with a wide range of residential and commercial developments being offered. Islamabad is one of the safest and greenest locations to invest in real estate.

Pakistan's capital city Islamabad is renowned for its high-quality and inexpensive housing options. There are both natural beauties and attractive facilities to be found in this location.

Buying real estate here is a great investment because of the beautiful hills, magnificent scenery, and pure air. Since this city's real estate market is so promising, well-known property developers have pumped a lot of money into it.

A wide variety of real estate investment opportunities are available in Islamabad as the city continues to grow. Islamabad has a lot to offer, including the construction of midpoints, housing societies, industrial and residential complexes, and much more.

As a place to live and invest, it is also a good option. When Islamabad was founded, it had a much smaller population and was less developed.

Attractiveness and Affordability for Everyone in a Housing Society

It's important to understand what makes a housing society stand out from the competition in a given location before learning about Islamabad's seven cheapest housing societies. The following are some of the features:


The two most crucial selling factors of a home are its location and the amenities it provides to its tenants.

Progress NOC acquisition:

The developer's honest efforts play a crucial part in the growth of a housing society.

Make sure you invest in an RDA or CDA-approved housing society to avoid any fraudulent activity. Only after receiving a NOC could an organization consider investing in that organization; before then, regardless of the group's popularity, investors should hold off on making a decision.

As a result, investors are deceived into thinking that this is a legitimate community since societies spend a lot of money on real estate marketing. However, a society may only be invested in if it has been approved by the authorities.

The pace of Developmental Updates:

If you're planning your first real estate project, you'll want to be sure you link building progress to comparable projects and the industry as a whole.

Boosting the campaign:

Only once the master plan of society has been authorized by the competent authorities (such as the RDA or CDA) and all the legal processes have been completed can large-scale marketing of real estate occur.

Top 7 Societies of Islamabad

In addition to the favorable elements of Islamabad, the question of "Which is the best society of Islamabad?" arises in the minds of people.

Islamabad's Top 5 Residential Societies will be discussed in this article, which includes not only high-quality real estate projects but also beautiful and economical housing options.


Gulberg Islamabad:

Pakistan's IB Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad is behind the development of Gulberg Islamabad . BB International Airport Islamabad and Zero points Islamabad are both within a reasonable driving distance of the Islamabad Main Expressway, which links the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The exact location may be found here.

Gulberg Greens (Agro Farm Housing Scheme) and Gulberg Residencia make up the housing development.

Greens of Gulberg (Agro Farm Houses)

Living in the luxury of planned greens and woodland parks with creative town planning at Gulberg Greens is all about being close to everything you need. There are tens of thousands of Kanals here, all of it lush and lush with greenery. Executive A, B, C, D, and E blocks make up the first six levels of the structure.

Construction of blocks A, B, and C has been finished by Gulberg and will soon be handed over to their new owners. The construction of Block D and Block E is presently underway, and hundreds of workers and machines are working hard to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Block B of Gulberg Greens has just seen the debut of a commercial plaza project called Gulberg Trade Center, where stores and flats are now being booked.

After crossing the bridge, a small commercial area is established on the right side of the road. Gulberg greens Commercial plots of 40x40 sizes are now available in the B block. If you want to buy one of these advertisements, you're looking at a price tag of more than $3.50 million, paid in four equal payments. Despite this, the region has a lot going for it and is poised to become one of the most expensive business districts in the country in the next years.

Gulberg Residencia

This apartment complex in Islamabad's Gulberg neighborhood is one of the hottest in the city right now. This is owing to the fact that certain blocks are still under construction.

A backup strategy for readjusting the plot owners in new blocks has been devised while the developer is busy clearing the disputed property.

Additionally, a new map is anticipated to be released soon. The developer's final map is now being reviewed by the Capital Development Authority.


A Gulberg Greens or a Gulberg Residencia residence offers the following amenities as an incentive to prospective residents.

  • The Clock Goes Round and Round. Supply of Electricity
  • Ownership in Its Complete Form
  • This community has a gated entrance.
  • 80 percent of the land is covered in trees.
  • System of Dedicated Security
  • Street Lights Powered by the Sun
  • Electrical Cables Installed Below Ground
  • avast network of roads
  • Water is available throughout the clock.
  • System of Proactive Waste Disposal (SPWD)
  • Supply of Sui Gas at All Times
  • Mosques

To know more about plots for sale in Gulberg Islamabad and Gulberg Islamabad payment plan, head over to the detailed article on Gulberg Islamabad


Park View City Islamabad:

Vision Group's Park View City is a CDA-approved, beautiful residential project in Islamabad's Zone IV. The housing society has a 400-foot-wide Main Boulevard that provides direct access from the highway; additionally, access is available via Kurri Road and Banigala. Investors like this housing project because of the scenic views and high-end amenities.

It is designed to be the ideal location for families who want to live in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood with a futuristic vision and breathtaking views.

Amenities And Features:

Park View City is a faultless housing society with unrivaled amenities and a flawless vision. Each block of the society is designed with a distinct perspective and function in mind to provide an exhilarating living experience for its residents.

  • Imax Theaters
  • Walkthrough the commercial district:
  • Zoo and Parks: Club & Community Center
  • Hospitals: Schools: Mosque
  • Gated Community
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Electricity, gas, and water are the three main sources of energy.
  • Load shedding free zone
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • State of the art waste disposal system
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, and Entertainment centers
  • Sports complex
  • Parks, Playgrounds, and beautifully designed green areas
  • Health centers and Educational Facilities
  • CCTV Security, Guards and Motion censors
  • 24/7 Supply of Electricity, Gas, and Water

To know more about plots for sale in park view city and park view city payment plan , head over to the detailed article on Park View City Islamabad



Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society established B-17, a neighborhood in Islamabad, Pakistan (MPCHS). B-17 Multi Gardens, sometimes known as B-17, is a well-known housing community in Islamabad City. It's at the base of the Margalla Hills. It is a magnificent community that offers its people wonderful scenery and a tranquil atmosphere. Due to its location and world-class construction, B-17 Islamabad is a fantastic investment opportunity in the present real estate market in Islamabad. The cost of living has risen significantly, putting those who had previously invested in the town at a disadvantage.

B-17 is a recently developed area in Islamabad Capital Territory's Zone II. The society is positioned such that it is bordered on one side by the GT Road and on the other by the Peshawar-Islamabad highway (M-1).

The area is located a few kilometers from the Islamabad International Airport and housing societies such as Blue World City and University Town.

Facilities: The housing complex provides world-class amenities, contemporary architecture, and a safe environment in which to raise a family to its residents. The following are some of the few amenities available in Multi Garden b-17 Islamabad:

  • Water, power, and Sui gas are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Mosques, community centers, and sports clubs are all available.
  • Medical facility
  • Station of the police
  • Lake
  • Filtration Plant for water
  • Parks, playgrounds, and jogging paths
  • Hotels and a commercial district
  • Recreational facilities
  • Food Street Fuel Filling Stations & Shopping Malls
  • Universities and schools/colleges

Capital Smart City Islamabad:

In Pakistan, the capital smart city is expected to be a phenomenon for those seeking an opulent way of life. Home Renovation in Islamabad is the first of its kind to be built quickly. It is Pakistan's first fully indigenous metropolis and Asia's fourth-largest.

Grade 8 upgrades are supported by this strategy, which is popular in Pakistani housing. Its purpose is to meet the aspirations of those who will live there in the future. T

To meet the expectations of its residents, the housing society includes a wide range of exceptional characteristics. It is designed to provide the ideal basis for those buyers and investors who wish to expand their families in the most tranquil and beautiful surroundings in Islamabad.

To give users a dream place, this site has set several significant aims. In this location, you'll have access to all of the amenities and conveniences you need to promote your lifestyle.


Underneath the Society's structure, you'll discover particular goals for creating new ways of living and working. Unlike any other living area, Capital Smart City has all the amenities its people need to lead a meaningful and comfortable life, making it one of the most relaxing places to live.

  • Providers and Services
  • Built to meet the criteria of long-term viability
  • A neighborhood that cares about the environment
  • Choices for both the home and business
  • System for waste disposal and water evaporation
  • a water purification facility
  • A continuous flow of electricity for all of the time
  • A cutting-edge security system
  • Face-recognition software and CCTV cameras
  • Underground electrical wiring with advanced security for the BRT system in society
  • Smart traffic, weather, electrical, and internet applications, for example
  • a resort with a sports arena
  • Planning a house in a way that makes the most of
  • The magnificent lakes and mosques of mosques and parks
  • A Golf Course with a Par of 72

To know more about plots for sale in capital smart city and capital smart city payment plan, head over to detailed article on Capital Smart City

Nova City:

Nova City developers are building a new community in the vicinity of Islamabad called Nova City Islamabad. The CPEC road, Fateh Jang Road, and the Rawalpindi Ring Road are all nearby. The community is meant to be located in the middle of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it easy for residents to get about.

There are plans to open a magnificent, low-cost housing complex called Nova shortly, according to its developers. Since the current cheap plot costs are susceptible to change after April 20. As of this writing, the relevant authorities have not yet obtained the Nova City Islamabad No Objection Certificate (NOC). In every housing association, the NOC is a major worry, as well as for the investors. As a result of the NOC clearance, a housing society is legalized, fostering a sense of confidence in the society and its members, and the developers.

Upon the approval of the NOC, the popularity of the Nova City housing society Islamabad will rise to its full grandeur. Investors are rushing to get their hands on low-priced nova city plots in the Nova society's selling phase.

Nova City's Attractions include:


  • Islamabad's Nova City Housing Society has the following features:
  • Societies that are safe for everyone
  • Pedestrian Traffic Lights
  • Parks and Zoos
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Tracks in Graveyards
  • Tracks in the sand
  • Roads covered with a thick layer of moss.
  • A Protected Area
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Areas of commerce
  • System for disposing of trash at educational facilities
  • Sustainable neighborhood
  • Incredibly ornate front door
  • Water, electricity, and gas 24/7
  • Sports facilities for both adults and children
  • Children's playgrounds and amusement parks.
  • It's the city's major thoroughfare, which has a plethora
  • Fiber optics and high-speed Internet access

Rudn Enclave:

RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. is developing Rudn Enclave , a 10,000-kanal housing project near Rawalpindi, Pakistan. On Adiala Road, it is close to Bahria Town Phase-8, the M2 Motorway, the N-5 National Highway, the Chakri & Thalian Interchange, the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, and Dam Khalsa, a natural water body. NOC approval is currently pending with the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), according to a statement (RDA).

By collaborating with the internationally renowned NESPAK National Engineering Services Pakistan, the developers have given the real estate sector a whole new dimension to consider (NESPAK). On January 1st, 2020, a consulting agreement was signed between two prestigious organizations. The project is expected to take 24 months to complete.

The development of an affordable residential wonder in the heart of Rawalpindi's commercial district is the primary goal of the developers. Modern and luxurious facilities and amenities abound in today's society


Society's salient characteristics are as follows:

  • The main entryway is stunning.
  • Gated Community with a Wall Delimiting the Area
  • Street lighting that is both effective and economical
  • This mosque is the Jamia Mosque.
  • parks and greenbelts, as well as recreational places such as public parks
  • CCTV cameras and state-of-the-art security systems are available around the clock.
  • There will also be clean drinking water available underground at all times, as well as electricity, water, and gas.
  • Both a Children's Playground and a Lush Green Parka sewage treatment system that utilizes long, deep, subterranean piping
  • A technique for disposing and managing waste
  • Recreational facilities for the benefit of the community's health
  • To meet the economic demands of the population, there are separate commercial areas.
  • Pharmacies and schools, as well as medical and educational centers, are all part of the design.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a futuristic state-of-the-art housing community located just off the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, away from the noise and bustle of the metropolis. Kingdom Group's main project, Kingdom Valley, is currently under construction.

In cooperation with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, the Kingdom Valley is being built. The developers are working hard to give a high level of competence and service at a reasonable cost.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad 's No Objection Certificate (NOC) was purportedly obtained under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme with the registration number "DRG/PHATA/2176-2021." Approved real estate projects have a higher possibility of developing quickly.

Facilities & Amenities at Kingdom Valley:

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers all of the contemporary conveniences and amenities at a reasonable price. The amenities are an element of any modern opulent society that may be described as a whole residential project.

The developers have set aside a considerable portion of the land for the creation of green spaces such as parks. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is regarded as the most opulent civilization, complete with all contemporary pleasures and conveniences.

The owners' priority was to provide a healthy and elegant lifestyle environment; as a result, a substantial land area has been set aside for the central theme park, where children and the elderly may spend their leisure time without worry.

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad has the following distinguishing features:

  • Beautifully crafted entry gate
  • Affordability
  • Mosque of Greatness
  • Resources of Water
  • Accessibility of Eco-community Education
  • Club House Retail Area is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Development in a Gated Community with a Boundary Wall
  • Water, gas, and electricity are all sources of energy.
  • The electricity of the underground
  • Infrastructure development of world-class sewerage and waste disposal systems
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available at this sports center.
  • Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics all provide medical services.


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