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Elanza Creeks

28 Oct, 2021 guidance
Elanza Creeks


Spread over a vast area of 3 Kanals, surrounded by staggering landscapes, and designed exquisitely to augment your living standard, the Elanza Creeks is an iconic eight storey complex. It’s lower ground and ground floor comprises of spacious commercial offices and shops, while the other six floors accommodates luxury residential apartments. The complex contains opulent balconies exhibiting scenic views. Notably, there is an atrium between the first two floors. Elanza Creeks, as of present, boasts one of the sought-after investment opportunities in Pakistan. Looking for shops for sale in Islamabad? Click here to get your favorite commercial spaces at Elanza Creeks Islamabad.

Downtown City

With the Park View City’s Downtown, you may very well lose yourself by the sheer beauty of the place and the fact that it is the city center. Wouldn’t your senses be in awe for living in a pristine 300 kanal lake accompanied by picturesque hills and lush-green meadows! And that is not all. The downtown has a unique mystical aura about the place. Amid all that intrigue, you get to enjoy fine-dine restaurants, delightful parks and other communal spaces of pleasure. Featuring a 300 kanal beautiful lake in the center with green and lush hills, the downtown is famous for its renowned brands and eateries. It is certainly one of it’s kind in every sense of the imagination.

The ‘Walk’ (3-Kanal Commercial)

Find yourself astounded by the eco-friendly Park View City’s The Walk Commercial arena. This is a place where you intimately connect with your environment, and your beloved amenities, all at a few meters of a leisurely walk. Reminiscent of the Dubai’s Marina, the Park View City “The Walk Commercial”, a limited inventory of the walk is designated for the Park View City’s The Walk. Access to global brands, food chains and splendid neon lights could wet your appetite for now, but be prepared for more surprises down the line! Looking for shops for rent in Islamabad? Get your desired commercial shops at Elanza Creeks now.


In the midst stunning landscapes - we have commercial and residential units, corporate office spaces - and an abundance of modern-day facilities offering amenities such as 24/7 security surveillances, health and fitness centers, shopping arenas, day cares and retail shops. One of the hallmarks of the Elanza Creeks complex is its earthquake resistant structure, adding to its safety profile. If you are on the lookout for high-end investment opportunities in Pakistan which may include shops for sale in Islamabad or shops for rent in Islamabad, Elanza Creeks has to definitively be up there in your priority list.


Located in the downtown commercial arena of the Park View City, Elanza Creeks can be accessed via the Jinnah avenue from the Malot Road or from the 200 feet wide main access road, the Kurri-road access has been provided directly to the city by CDA. Other access points to the city are Bharakaho, Rawal Chowk, Serena Hotel, Islamabad and Marriot Hotel, all within comfortable reach from these points averaging a distance of about 15 to 20 minutes. To further ease the transport access, the Rawal Dam flyover, undergoing its final phase of construction, will provide easier and quicker access to Islamabad’s key destinations.


For the promise of growth and return-of-investment Elanza Creeks brings, its prices are immensely reasonable. A shop in the lower ground floor starts from a meager Rs. 4,000,000 whereas you could get your ground floor commercial space starting from approximately Rs. 7,500,000. The residential luxury apartments start with a price of Rs. 5,800,000. An outstanding location, coupled with its excellent venture potential in Islamabad, is an incentive enough to start investing in Elanza Creeks. Contact us to book your commercial office space or residential apartment at Elanza Creeks now!

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