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Healthcare system in Pakistan

14 Nov, 2022 news
Healthcare system in Pakistan


World Health Organization (WHO) defines a healthcare system as a system consisting of people, and organizations that primarily work to restore, maintain and promote health. A well-developed, efficient and advanced healthcare system is incumbent to improve the health of people and prevent the spread of diseases and it is one of the primary concerns of states.

Healthcare system in Pakistan

A three-tier healthcare system exists in Pakistan that comprises of Hospitals, Dispensaries, and Rural health centers. Since its inception, numerous governments have tried to improve Pakistan’s standing. Although, our system has improved over time but comparatively we are still far behind our competitors. It is regretful that the new born mortality rate is 56.8 per 1000 which is unacceptable. Sanitation conditions are poor, the immunized children ratio is quite less and so is the number of registered doctors. One of the main reasons is government spending which is merely 2% of GDP.


Undoubtedly, we have one of the best brains in the world. We are blessed with countless blessings that could make us a developed nation. But in spite of moving ahead, our progress seems stagnated and as a nation, we have been unable to do wonders.

The following are a few reasons for our inadequate health system

Political Instability

Political stability has a major role in the development of a country. If there is political stability, policies will remain consistent and every sector of the country will develop. On contrary, political instability leads to frequent changes in policies that will ultimately halt growth. Unfortunately, we are facing this issue and that is the primary reason that we could not structure the medical care system.

Poor governance

The governance structure we have is not well-structured or commendable. There are a number of loopholes that need to be resolved to make it work efficiently. Our governance system does not align with modern standards and secondly, its reach is limited. So, at this stage, it is unable to meet today’s requirements.

Priority issues

We could not prioritize Human Development and our country ranks 161 out of 192 countries on Human Development Index (HDI). As a nation, we have been confused to identify our real priorities. Further, because of some internal or external factors such as wars, terrorism, etc, we have to focus on security matters to counter security threats.

Lack of resources

We have resources but we could not develop or mold them as per modern requirements. So, considering developed nations and their resources such as technological advancement and human resources, we still have to look for assistance.


The uncontrolled expansion of the population has put pressure on limited resources. We are the fifth largest populated country but we do not have that much capacity to manage such a big population. Although several abortive efforts have been tried by governments but because of some religious and cultural elements, governments could not achieve their purpose.


Corruption has collapsed and destroyed our country. This is the core reason for our underdevelopment. The health sector has no extension. Corrupt elements in this sector do not let it develop as they are prone to promote personal interests. So, general goodness is still unachievable.

Q. What is the role of the public sector in the healthcare system in Pakistan?

The private sector has a major role in this sector as its share is about 70%. It means the healthcare industry in Pakistan is mainly comprised of the public sector. Further, public-private partnerships are also enlarging the role of the private sector to promote health.

Q. How to improve the health system in Pakistan?

The government should increase the health budget, based on the demands. Corruption in this sector must be controlled. Measures should be taken to control the population and increase the literacy rate in the country.

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