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Top 5 Best Residential Housing Societies 2022

07 Jul, 2022 tips
Top 5 Best Residential Housing Societies 2022

Living in a place that gives you a stupendous and pet-peeve free environment is a demand and desire of every individual.

Especially those who are having family so they always want to invest in a project that not just offers them luxurious amenities but also ensures them to give them 24/7 security along with easy access routes.

To consider this, here are the top 5 best residential housing societies 2022 rundown.

After reading the jotted down societies overview, you can get an idea that which residential place is best for you and where you can invest mannerly for better future residential living.

Without any delay, let’s count them all one by one together.

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad based project that offers its clients both commercial and residential units.

This project has come up with a smart structured plan in which they offer their clients villas, apartments, and houses along with all the major and essential living necessities.

Secondly, when it comes to its location so this heaven piece is located in the heart of Margalla hills.

Plus, the project is NOC cleared and authorized by CDA. The good thing about this project is that it has been divided into blocks so you can invest wisely as per your choice and make your living standard better than before.

Gulberg Islamabad

This Gulberg Green Islamabad project is one of the top-notch and highly considerable projects in Islamabad.

The project is based on the prime location of the Islamabad Highway.

To make this CDA-approved, NOC clear, and authorized project more appealing it has been divided into two commercial and two residential units.

The thing that makes this project demandable is its location, affordable payment credentials, and special features and facilities.

Some of the major features that make this project different from others are its farmhouse layouts, physical entrance surveillance entrance gateway, and cultural and recreational facilities.

Silver City Rawalpindi

Silver City Rawalpindi housing scheme-based residential society under the supervision of LARAIB associates developers and the SAREMO group. This city project is located on Girja road which is near the thaliana interchange.

The city is NOC and RDA approved and one of the most popular projects as it ensures to offer you budget-friendly payment and installment deals along with splendid living facilities.

The project is divided into three sectors and is easily accessible from the main city link routes.

Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City is one of the most recommended projects in Islamabad. One of the main reasons behind the hype about this project is, this project is under the supervision of Habib Rafiq (Pvt)

To continue this, no doubt this city is going to be Pakistan’s first smart city and Asia’s fourth. Plus, the project itself undoubtedly comes up with mega opportunities for both residents and commercial investors.

As the main mission of this project is to introduce the modern and world-class infrastructure residence along with all the maximum amenities and facilities, secondly, the vision of this project is to make this smart city accessible for all.

New Metro City Gujar Khan

The New Metro City Gujar Khan is also one of the tremendous projects which are in progress under the supervision of BSM. This new housing scheme is ideal for those who want to live a comfortable lifestyle at an affordable cost.

For making it prominent and environment-friendly the city has come up with a variety of basic and additional luxurious amenities along with security assurance.


The mentioned above are the top most considerable and recommended housing societies. So, if you want to invest your money that in future gives you a worthwhile enough deal then consider investing your money in these residential societies.

As each project is reputable and comes up with the surety to provide its residents with a profound living lifestyle.

Rest, to know about the payment, sale, guidance, and booking credentials consider the LAND MARKETING dealers.

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