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The Arcadia Islamabad

The Arcadia Islamabad

The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad

The Arcadia Gulberg, an affordable yet stylish project, is coming from the house of Elanza Holdings Pvt. Ltd. to the core of the city Gulberg, Islamabad. The project is versatile and has around 15 flats, 15 workplaces comprising four floors, and 80 shops located in a flourishing and emerging civic area.

Surrounded by the main road and a parking lot, The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad will serve occupants and tourists a straightforward approach through its main streets to every living and leisure facility offered by the capital city.

Created to signify the royal yet reasonable lifestyle, the magnificent construction of the plaza is a mixture of both Victorian and latest styles. Assuring enough profits, the Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad has all the qualities of the upcoming business center, making it an excellent investment opportunity. Arcadia's attractiveness, along with the beautiful sights of the capital city, makes the project worth it.

Facilities and Amenities:

The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad gives each of the advanced facilities and conveniences at spending plan amicable rates. The offices are essential for any lavish contemporary undertaking named a complete project.

The facilities and amenities the Arcadia Gulberg offers are as follows:

● Eco-friendly

The venture will give an environment-friendly way of life with contemporary conveniences. The close-to-nature environment will provide a remarkable encounter that could not be found in Pakistan's lodging towers.

● Water Resources

Arcadia's developers have considered the potential water need. For this purpose, gigantic water tanks will be installed to store a bulk of water.

● Business and Commercial Hub

The engineers have dealt with each one of the necessities of the occupants' monetary and business needs. Consequently, the task will give an across-the-board business region. Individuals might satisfy each business's needs from inside the venture from these areas.

● Secure Project

A feeling of safety is fundamental for a lodging project. A local gated area guarantees security. A security framework with impeccably installed all day, CCTV cameras, and other observation gear gives comprehensive protection to individuals.

● High Quality Road Infrastructure

The streets and other foundations around the venture are created with a severe level of impressive skill and gear to guarantee the ideal turn of events. The primary lane and roads are wide and roomy enough to look fantastic.


The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad is a project committed to outfitting its clients with the best private and business offices on the lookout, making each visit to the plaza a vital encounter. Careful preparation, carefulness, and a drive towards making its clients content with its contributions are going on with the undertaking!

Following are the main features of The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad:

  • Prime location surrounded by breathtaking views
  • 24/7 CCTV supervision
  • Firefighting system on each floor
  • two-floored parking
  • Shopping mall
  • Lavish apartments fully furnished with imported fittings
  • Family-friendly society
  • Link to all major roads in the city
  • Schools and hospitals in the locality
  • Blossoming green grounds
  • Relaxation activities on the ground floor
  • State-of-the-art clubhouse amenity
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Apartments separate entrance
  • Restaurants

Why Invest?

The primary central location in Gulberg, Islamabad, makes The Arcadia a profitable venture for the financiers. The Arcadia Gulberg, Islamabad is projected to be the most fruitful and preferred business scheme in the capital city of Pakistan. Guests and inhabitants will ease admittance to the remainder of the town inferable from the plaza associated with its entire major streets infrastructure.

What’s On Offer?

The Arcadia comprises multiple stores, flats, and workplaces of different sizes, vacant for ownership on an uncomplicated payment plan of 3 years. The costs of the plaza range from RS. 3,500,000 to Rs. 12,680,000, depending on the size of real estate you select for investment.

The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad NOC

The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad officially accepts the Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad NOC (No Objection Certificate). The approved project has an elevated probability of completion and fast possession for the investors.

The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad Location

The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad is situated in the heart of the city. The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad location is located at the prime location of D-Markaz Gulberg Residencia, near to Islamabad Expressway.

The Arcadia Gulberg Accessibility:

The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad is highly reachable. The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad is accessible in the following ways:

  • Located at Bhambar Tarrar Road
  • Around 16 min drive from Lehtrar Road
  • Roughly 14 min drive from Kahuta Road
  • Approximately 51 min drive from Islamabad International Airport
  • About 10 min drive from Islamabad Expressway/ Faisal Avenue
  • The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad Floor Plans

    The all-inclusive strategy of Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad is very much planned and created by a group of qualified draftsmen. The engineers have tried to offer roomy and vaporous properties in the Mall.

    The project offers 80 shops, 15 flats, and 15 workplaces. The plaza provides properties like business shops, corporate workplaces, and apartments. The shops are presented in sizes 185 square feet to 415 square feet. The workplaces are shown in various sizes, from 367 square feet to 620 square feet. The lofts likewise range from 479 square feet to 798 square feet.

    The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad Payment Plans are as follows:

    The installment plans of The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad are reasonable with simple 8 quarterly portions. The designers have endeavored to keep a troublesome harmony among extravagance and reasonableness.

    The Arcadia Gulberg Lower Ground Floor


    The Arcadia Gulberg Ground Floor


    The Arcadia Gulberg First Floor


    The Arcadia Gulberg Second Floor


    The Arcadia Gulberg Third Floor



    The Arcadia Gulberg Islamabad is a lodging plan developing with only one aim: to give an elegant elite way of life. Luxurious amenities, reasonableness, and location are the primary highlights of this project.

    So, it is strongly suggested that this is the once-in-a-lifetime chance to put resources into this project if you want to invest your money in the right place as an investor or as an occupant.


    Electricity Backup
    Electricity Backup
    Branded Shops
    Branded Shops
    CCTV Surveillance
    CCTV Surveillance
    Earthquake Resistance
    Earthquake Resistance
    Apartments Separate Entrance
    Apartments Separate Entrance
    Family Arena
    Family Arena
    High speed Elevator
    High speed Elevator



    Payment and Floor Plan


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